Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I’m not sure why exactly, but there is just something I enjoy about it. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years learning about the different myths and legends surrounding this date. Some feel this day is evil and ignore it completely, instead celebrating tomorrow’s All Saints Day. They might be surprised to learn that, like so many other religious holiday’s, All Saints Day is just a reincarnation of a deeply rooted Pagan festival. 

But I’m not here for a history lesson. I’m here to show off a couple of the things I’ve made to celebrate today and pass my love for Halloween onto my kids. You won’t find any recipes on this post, but more an idea and a brief description of how they were created. 

First were these awesome Halloween cupcakes that were sent to school with my kids. The were created with box mix and frosting. Simple Halloween kits from Wilton contained the cupcake liners and cute little cupcake sticks. To create the colored swirls on the frosting, dip a ‘paint’ brush into gel food coloring. Then paint stripes on the inside of piping bag. Add in your favorite white colored frosting with a Wilton 1M tip and pipe a swirl onto each cupcake. Then just top with a few sprinkles, slid in a cupcake stick and you’ve got some simple cupcakes for your kids to enjoy at their school Halloween Parties. 

Halloween Cupcakes

The town around here have pretty strict Trick or Treating hours. For my town, it’s 6pm to 8pm, so I usually have a quick supper planned out. Typically something like hot dogs or hamburgers top the list. They’re quick and my kids love them but they’re kind of boring. This year I decided to make severed fingers. They sound gruesome, but in reality they are just hot dogs with ketchup ‘blood.’

severed fingers

They are pretty simply to create, using just a pairing knife and there is several versions floating around the net.  For mine, I used sliced almonds to create ‘nails.’ The easiest way to get the nails to stick is to cut a nail bed into the end of the hot dog with a pairing knife. Remove a thin layer about the width of the almond and create a pocket for it to slide into. To create the finger look, cut two notches just before the nail, and three more about the middle of the hot dog by making angled slits. They don’t need to be overly large because they will spread a bit once they’re cooked. Then just severed them in rolls with a drizzle of ketchup and you’re done! 

severed fingers

My kids will go nuts for these tonight! Make sure you check out my Instagram feed later tonight to see what these fingers look like covered in blood! Have a spooky, safe and happy Halloween!

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